The Cochran Collection

African American Works on Paper


African American Works on Paper Installation Photos

This is not an ordinary collection, and it is duplicated nowhere. This exhibition grew out of the love and the imaginative dream of Wes and Missy Cochran of La Grange, Georgia. They wanted to create a collection of prints reflective of African Americans which could primarily be displayed as an artistic, educational, and cultural presentation. The focus of these presentations is towards the deep South in institutions that rarely see this kind of work. The Cochran's collection is not an erudite statement about the African American experience, but it reveals the personal vision and joy of one couple who bring their enthusiasm, love, and deep feelings about African American art.

All the works were purchased for the Cochran's Collection over a two-year period Happily, these works are not destined for nice acid-free boxes in Wes's living room, but are here on display along with this beautiful catalog to be appreciated by all of us. These artists will welcome the development of a broader audience for their works.

Robert Blackburn
Founder and Director of the Printmaking Workshop in New York

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11938AlstonYoung Boy28 x 24 x 1 InchesCharcoal
21974AmosAmerican Girl23 x 31 x 1 InchesEtching23/35
31973AndrewsGrowing Up31 x 23 x 1 InchesEtching23/35
41988BanksBlack Bird24 x 28 x 1 InchesLithograph17/50
51975BeardenThe Family26 x 32-1/2 x 1 InchesEtching66/175
61983BiggersHoly Family40 x 30 x 1 InchesListographAP/II
71984BillopsKaohsiung Edition30-1/4 x 24 x 1 InchesHand-Colored Photo EtchingAP
8NDBlackburnUntitled27-3/4 x 35 x 1 InchesMonoprint
91977BlaytonSoul Sound23 x 31 x 1 InchesMonoprint
101982BrookerThis Ones for You, MUSA36 x 28 x 1 InchesOffset Lithograph
111974BrowneHorseman31 x 23 x 1 InchesEtching23/35
121987BuchananHappy Shack31 x 23 x 1 InchesLithograph44/50
131983BurkeGossiping Gourds34-1/4 x 30-1/4 x 1 InchesSilkscreen44/50
14NDCarterLinear Movements No. 926 x 14-1/4 x 1 InchesMonotype
151986CatlettCartas35 x 27-3/4 x 1 InchesLithograph61/80
161984CatlettVirginia25 x 21 x 1 InchesLitho-collage22/32
171977ClarkYucatan Series30 x 36 x 1 InchesEtchingWP
18NDCortorJewels/Theme VII36 x 32 x 1 InchesEthching
191974CortorCompositional Study No III31 x 23 x 1 InchesEtching23/35
201988CrichlowMother and Daughter32 x 26-1/4 x 1 InchesEtchingAP
211974CriteAncestor Figure Bambara16 x 18 x 1 InchesDrawing
221983Dowell2B+C/Tomorrow35 x 27-3/4 x 1 InchesOffset Lithograph
231976EdmundsPlaytime: Inner City27-3/4 x 35 x 1 InchesSiklscreen
24NDEdwardsChains30 x 24 x 1 InchesEtchingPP
251987FaxMy Mother at 9032x28x1 InchesLithograph
261984GentryThe Watch27-3/4 x 35 x 1 InchesEtching19/30
271988GilliamDreamless Romances47 1/2x32 1/4x1 1/2 InchesMixed Media11/16
281990HassingerGarden25-1/4 x 25-1/4 x 1 InchesEtching
29NDHughesUntitled24 1/2 x 30 1/2x1 InchesDrawing
301980HuntUntitled27-3/4 x 35 x 1 InchesSilkscreen
31NDJenningsDead Tree18 x 16 x 1 InchesWood Engraving
321987JonesLuly, Haiti24 x 30 x 1 InchesWatercolor
331987JonesMacomb, Haiti16 x 18 x 1 InchesDrawing
341948-56JosephUntitled24 x 28 x 1 InchesDrawing
35NDKhalilThe Jack of Hearts51x40x1 1/2 InchesEtching8/25
361989LawrenceRevolt on the Amistad46 1/2x36x1 1/2 InchesSilkscreen21/120
371974LewisCarnaval31 x 23 x 1 InchesEtching
381987LittleThe Conspiracy24 x 30 x 1 InchesEtching
39NDLovellMiss Lorraine32x28x1 InchesDrypoint
40NDLovingGoose Lake Series40x40x1 1/2 InchesSilkscreen56/70
41NDLovingGoose Lake Series40x40x1 1/2 InchesSilkscreen56/70
42NDLovingGoose Lake Series40x40x1 1/2 InchesSilkscreen56/70
43NDMayhewMercy Blues24 x 30 x 1 InchesEtchingAP
441984MorganTannery Brook Falls18 x 16 x 1 InchesEngraving
451945NealHaitian Landscape...24 x 28 x 1 InchesPochoir
461976O'NealThe Swing No. 224 x 30 x 1 InchesDrawing
471989OverstreetMahogany Hall45 1/2x39x1 1/2 InchesSilkscreen12/200
481980PindellKyoto Positive-Negative30 x 25 x 1-3/4 InchesMixed MediaAP 8
491980PindellKyoto Positive-Negative (verso)30 x 25 x 1-3/4 InchesMixed Media
501977PogueGathered Flowers24 x 30 x 1 InchesEtching
511982PowellMargo and One and a Half...27-3/4 x 35 x 1 InchesEtchingAP
52NDPuseyMobile Images30 x 24 x 1 InchesEtching40/60
531984RinggoldNo More War No. 131 x 23 x 1 InchesEtching
541989RobinsonChicken Foot Woman23 x 31 x 1 InchesEtchingAP
551982SaarSilver Linings: The Unknown28-1/4 x 34-1/2 x 1-1/2 InchesCollage
56NDSimonLooking Over the Fence28 x 24 x 1 InchesDrawing
571924Smith APlace De La Ville Cannes France18 x 16 x 1 InchesLithograph4/100
581932Smith MUntitled32 x 26-1/4 x 1 InchesWatercolor
591934Smith MUntitled28 x 24 x 1 InchesDrawing
601974Smith VThe Triumph of B.L.S.23 x 31 x 1 InchesEtching23/35
611981StovallFor Ascending Larks32 x 32 x 1 InchesSilkscreen
621973ThomasUntitled16 x 18 x 1 InchesAcrylic
631989ThompsonThe First Mystery28 x 24 x 1 InchesEtching
641989ThompsonThe Second Mystery28 x 32 x 1 InchesEtching
651989ThompsonThe Third Mystery23 x 31 x 1 InchesEtching
661989ThompsonThe Fourth Mystery31 x 23 x 1 InchesEtching
671989ThompsonThe Fifth Mystery31 x 23 x 1 InchesEtchingAP
681929WellsAfrican Fantasy18 x 16 x 1 InchesLinocut
691987WellsBathseba and Attendant No. 222-3/4 x 31 x 1 InchesLinocutAP
701975WhiteProphet II34-1/2 x 45 x 1-1/2 InchesLithograph9/17
711964WhittenJimmy I28 x 24 x 1 InchesDrawing
721978Williams W TRedfern23 x 31 x 1 InchesEtchingAP
731965Williams WThe Black Madonna35 x 26 x 1 InchesWoodcut
741973WilsonDialogue22-3/4 x 31 x 1 InchesEtching23/35
751977WoodruffA Celestial Gate28 x 32 x 1 InchesSilkscreen
761981YeargansMorning Coffee18 x 16 x 1 InchesAquatint
Works of Art Photos by G. Ray Sullivan, Jr.