The Cochran Collection

The Cochrans

Wes Cochran is a retired stonemason, and his wife Missy is a retired high school math teacher. They have no children. They have devoted their lives to supporting the arts, artists, and collecting. Wes and Missy are sincerely dedicated and committed collectors. Their enthusiasm and devotion is very much like that found in most of the artists whose works they collect. The Cochrans defy all of the stereotypical impressions and historical profiles of art collectors. They are not extremely wealthy. They have not come from families who passed down priceless art treasures or left substantial inheritances. They are not tycoons of industries or highly positioned in the corporate world. They are both salaried. Their livelihood comes from their, not uncommon, jobs. The Cochrans and their life-style are considered, or maybe defined, as middle-class. For having amassed this vast and highly significant collection of American art (more than 400 works on paper) Wes and Missy Cochran are truly remarkable people.

Mildred Thompson (1936 - 2003)