The Cochran Collection

The Collection Today

Today, Wes and Missy Cochran and The Cochran Collection are recognized and respected in many art circles across the country. The artists love them for their genteel manner and generous support. The artists respect the Cochrans for their fair dealings and for the high quality and non-bias shown in their selections. For the art-lovers the Cochrans are positive role models and are looked upon with admiration. For the small museums and art institutions throughout the South The Cochran Collection serves as a source of information and possibilities. The Cochrans are highly regarded for making The Cochran Collection accessible. For many of the small-town institutions, exhibitions of such high quality would not be so readily available. Through The Cochran Collection, Wes and Missy Cochran are performing a tremendous service. Their contributions to the Public at large and the art world are enormous.

Mildred Thompson (1936 - 2003)